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Out of the Lab and into the World

'This is NOT a blog. When setting up the domain it came with a choice of a blog, or a wiki, or a database. A blog is newsy. This project is about accumulating knowledge, not the latest news. A database has ordered information. Research produces new knowledge that by its nature is not ordered yet. '

We have a blog

We have a Networking Site

So, this site is a wiki, like Wikipedia, except it contains very little knowledge currently. Think of what Wikipedia must have been like on week 1, when only a handful of people were sharing their knowledge. That is where we are today.

We will need many, many more people sharing their knowledge and expertise to fill it up and make it possible to answer practical questions about getting results 'out of the lab and into the world'.

Our first important project is:

Consult the Initial Pages Below

"Everything will be automated. All we have to do is learn how to learn, and how to take care of each other"

Ron Henderson, Virginia Potter and Mankind Project Ritual Elder